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Chakra Candle Holders

This collection of chakra candle holders are designed to be a ritual in itself. Needing only a tea light candle and your pure intentions, you can attract what you need.

Constructed with selenite infused resin and crystals to enhance each chakra, each candle gives energy and power to help clear any blockages in your chakras. Used in rituals, altars, or individually for routine manifesting, these candle holders are made to aid in tapping into your personal magic and aligning your chakras.

A sugar baby mix is also an option. 

  • Sugar Baby is a crystal mix cultivated to bring out the beauty within.
  • Divinely feminine and full of ethereal power, this mix heightens the third eye, broadens the heart through love and healing, while aligning your chakras through grounding and sexual liberation.

Holder Options are:

  • Clarity
  • Ancestral Connection
  • Prosperity
  • Love
  • Karma Clearing
  • Protection
  • Chakra
  • Sugar Baby Mix
  • River Rock

To better understand the intentions above click HERE to read our blog about them.

**Please specify which candle holders you would like. ie - 1 Clarity, 2 Prosperity or 4 River Rock 5 CKB choice**

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  • Intention Color Associated
    Love Pink
    Prosperity Green
    Chakra Clearing Multicolor with silver
    Grounding/Protection Brown
    Clarity/Intuition Blue
    Sugar Baby Mix Pink/Blue/Purple/Gray
    Fertility Orange mix

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