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Crystal Altar

Elevate your vibrations and your space with one of our beautiful altar sets. As with all products, these resin sets are infused with Selenite to amplify its use. Mossicles crystal effect created with clear quartz to clear negativity from the room.

The matching set includes a base with an incense hole, candle holder, and cup for water. This set accounts for all elements (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air). An offering plate is included in the four-piece option. Completely customizable, all color combinations available to suit your vision. Crystals can be added for an additional fee.


Heart shape measures at 7x6 and the square shape measures at 7x7.

Please include Color(s) Desired

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  • Intention Color Associated
    Love Pink
    Prosperity Green
    Chakra Clearing Multicolor with silver
    Grounding/Protection Brown
    Clarity/Intuition Blue
    Sugar Baby Mix Pink/Blue/Purple/Gray
    Fertility Orange mix

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