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Metatron's Cube

Archangel Metatron is a powerful Archangel of immense spiritual fire, wisdom, and divine light. He is represented by green and purple energy while helping clear out negative beliefs, fears, and energy in general. He is heavily involved with supporting the Earth in its current reset. He oversees the Akashic Records and high vibrational. He is responsible for a lot of the downloads we receive. He is the ruler of the crown chakra. 

The Merkaba Star, also known as Metatron's cube is a geometric, multidimensional form that is made of light, color, sound, spiritual fire, and frequency. It is made up of 13 circles of creation that unlock entire levels of clarity and healing. Through focused meditation, you can raise your vibrations and clear psychic blocks. 

This charm is selenite-infused resin with green aventurine stones. Dusted with a rich purple essence to represent the colors of Metatron. 

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  • Intention Color Associated
    Love Pink
    Prosperity Green
    Chakra Clearing Multicolor with silver
    Grounding/Protection Brown
    Clarity/Intuition Blue
    Sugar Baby Mix Pink/Blue/Purple/Gray
    Fertility Orange mix

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