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Natural Goddess

A goddess is a divine being of immense femininity. "An entity" of love and compassion and fortitude who shines a light wherever she goes. She is passion, warmth, softness, firm, ethereal, and all-encompassing.

These specialized resin goddesses carry a lot of energy within them. Tapping into the power of the divine feminine. Inspired by nature in all of its glory. Each one is made with love and light and infused with selenite to amplify the real items within it. Great for altars, candle work, home decor, and more.

Made in three sizes: small (2.5”),  large (4”), and extra-large (7").

  • Please note that multiple extra-large pieces take longer than the standard timeframe to make and ship. Extra-large goddesses are textured to the touch, they are not as smooth as smaller sizes. 

~ Rose with damiana and catnip: Crafted for fun and flirty love energy, this goddess is great for self-love and attraction. Clear and rose quartz added for an added punch of energy.

~ Sunflower with rose: This goddess was forged with bold confidence in mind. Amplify your self-esteem and self-love with the energy that radiates throughout.

~ Hibiscus: Used for divination, dreams, and intuition. As a known aphrodisiac, this goddess comes with lustful energy to spice up the mood.

~ Lavender and baby’s breath: For peace and harmony, this goddess brings calming energy to any space. Protection from dreams and subtle power are all found within this goddess.

~ Under the sea: Made with real starfish, seashells, and beach sand, this goddess promotes cleansing, flow, and purity.

  • Items will be sent via standard shipping unless requested otherwise in checkout. Please know that a handling fee of $3.00 is added to each order to help ensure your items get to you as safely as possible

  • Intention Color Associated
    Love Pink
    Prosperity Green
    Chakra Clearing Multicolor with silver
    Grounding/Protection Brown
    Clarity/Intuition Blue
    Sugar Baby Mix Pink/Blue/Purple/Gray
    Fertility Orange mix

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