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Three-Tier Charging Tray

For those who are unable to charge or cleanse their crystals by placing them outside, we have this three-tiered tray! Forged with selenite, citrine, and clear quartz, this resin tray can cleanse and charge your other crystals. Kyanite can also be used. 

Beautiful enough to be a centerpiece to any space, because of the selenite-infused resin, it will also amplify the power of the room and remove blockages. Citrine will also attract abundance and prosperity while aiding in solar plexus healing. Kyanite will also aid with  meditation.

Tray stands with the bottom tray at 9.84 inches across and tops at 5.9 inches with a height at approximately 15 inches high. 


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  • Intention Color Associated
    Love Pink
    Prosperity Green
    Chakra Clearing Multicolor with silver
    Grounding/Protection Brown
    Clarity/Intuition Blue
    Sugar Baby Mix Pink/Blue/Purple/Gray
    Fertility Orange mix